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Picfixer Movie Trailer Collection

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An obscure poverty row western starring singing cowboy Fred Scott. It was produced and completed in 1939 by C.C. Burr Productions, but they went belly-up before it could be distributed. In 1940 it was retrieved by Arthur Ziehn and released under his label. "Ridin' the Trail" was telecast once in 1946 and doesn't seem to have been heard of since. There is no IMDB rating for or review of this film.
Topics: movie trailers, westerns, B-westerns, Fred Scott, Harry Harvey, John Ward, Jack Ingram, Bud Osborne
Feature Films
by Jed Buell

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You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page .
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Topic: western
Feature Films

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Lynne Reed (Luana Walters) is in danger of being tricked out of her ranch. It's up to Jack and Fuzzy to find the truth. PD - No copyright renewal
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Topics: Addison Randall, Fuzzy Knight, Luana Walters, Richard Alexander, Mystic Nights Videos